Veteran Employability Boot Camp

Basic Training for Your Job Search

Macomb/St. Clair Michigan Works is offering a new and innovative Job Seeker training session for Veterans and Spouses of Veterans. Our Veteran Employability Boot Camp is designed to build resumes, build an online presence, build Cover and Thank you letters and Interview skills. A by-product of our week-long session that none of us intended for was the development of relationships, camaraderie, basic computer skills, confidence, determination to find suitable employment……and most of all HOPE.

2020 Past & Upcoming Bootcamp Events

BC 70  Roseville January 6-10
BC 71     Clinton Township             February 10-14
BC 72     Clinton Township             April 6-10
BC 73     Roseville                          May 11-15
BC 74     Clinton Township             June 8-12
BC 75     Roseville                           July 6-10
BC 76     Clinton Township             August 3-7
BC 77     Roseville                           August 31 – September 4
BC 78     Clinton Township             October 5-9
BC 79     Clinton Township             November 16-20
BC 80     Roseville                           December 7-11