Training Leads Young Professional To Employment

In January, Logan came to Mount Clemens Michigan Works! office. He disclosed the disadvantages he went through that often correlate with negative life outcomes, but he was lucky enough to be an outlier to those statistics. However, being only 18 years old, he had very little work experience and limited skill sets. With the ambition to gain sustainable employment despite his barriers, he completed the six empowerment workshops with enthusiasm and was enrolled with the Michigan Works! Young Professionals in February.

Logan started the program by developing an educational and employment career plan with his Career Development Facilitator (CDF). Unfortunately, he was one of the many young adults who were looking to enroll in a training program as the pandemic began. His plan was to obtain a CDL-A, which is a license so he could become employed as a lineman or a similar occupation. It took several remote meetings with the CDF to develop an action plan and determine how to implement the first steps when there was uncertainty about how schools were going to continue to provide training.

In June, Logan was finally able to enroll in training at Coast 2 Coast Truck Driving School with training funds through the Young Professionals. It was not easy with the regulations for classes changing week to week based on Michigan stay-at-home orders. After three months of on and off classes, Logan took the CDL-A certificate test but did not pass the driving section.

He could have been defeated with obstacles he faced throughout the program. However, he stayed positive and expressed determination to succeed. He and his CDF created a remedial plan to get him back on track. After relaying the plan to the school, Logan went to work to get prepared for the test retake in October. Logan passed his certificate test and earned the CDL-A license.

Logan had his license but needed to obtain employment. He met with Michigan Works! Young Professionals Job Placement Specialist and his CDF to brainstorm where to apply for work. He updated his resume and they discussed labor market information as well as the options for employment he would have with his new credential.

In November, Logan accepted a position with The Road Commission for Oakland County as a Laborer/CDL Driver, earning $18.68 per hour plus benefits. With every update he gives his CDF, he expresses happiness at his job and said he believes his employment goals have been met.

Logan is a great example of not letting obstacles in life discourage you from working towards your goals. From personal barriers to having to work around a pandemic, Logan never gave up on himself and his dreams. In the end, he was able to secure a sustainable career with a job he enjoys.