Work Search Requirements

Unemployment Work Search Requirements Reinstated

The Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) will reinstate work search requirements for unemployment benefit claimants starting May 30, 2021. The work search requirement was suspended in March 2020 to help the increased volume of hardworking Michiganders facing unemployment due to the pandemic.

Work search is required for those receiving benefits under the state’s regular unemployment insurance program as well as federal benefit programs. If an individual has an approved waiver, they are exempt from the work search requirement. There are COVID- specific exemptions for people who are self-employed, unable to work due to COVID-19, and parents with children attending school remotely because the school is closed.

Claimants may apply for a waiver prior to their certification either in MiWAM or by calling the UIA customer service line at (866) 500-0017. They will be notified at the time of the request whether a waiver of the requirement is granted.

What Does This Mean for You?

To continue to receive unemployment benefits claimants will be required to actively seek work and report at least one work search activity per week during your bi-weekly certification for benefits. Your benefits will not be paid until your work search activities have been reported.

What Is A Work Search Activity?

Work search activities include applying for jobs online, participating in virtual job fairs or employment workshops, or searching job listings at sites like, LinkedIn or

We will ask how and when you applied for the position, and for the company’s contact information. Work search activities must be entered at the time of certification or your certification is not complete and your benefit payment will not be issued.

Who Has To Work Search?

Reporting your work search activities will be required for most claimants receiving unemployment benefits. If you have an approved waiver, the work search requirement is waived. A person may be eligible for a waiver due to COVID-19 related reasons. More information on waivers will be forthcoming.

Macomb/St. Clair Michigan Works!
And Your Work Search Requirements

Macomb/St. Clair Michigan Works! (MSCMW) is open in a limited capacity only (determined by 50% of a center’s total maximum capacity). Remote services are still being provided and are the quickest way to receive assistance. If you must visit a center for assistance, face masks and social distancing are required for entry. No vaccination verification will be made at the door. Due to capacity limitations, there may be a wait to enter a center and/or a limit of 30 mins in the center per customer if there is a wait. MSCMW is not the Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) and can only assist you on certain portions of your work search requirements.

MSCMW Can Assist You In:

  • Finding employment services and programs you may qualify for
  • Finding education, apprenticeship or on-the-job training opportunities
  • Scheduling you for qualifying job fairs or employment workshops
  • Applying for the new Clean Slate and other special programs
  • Creating an account on job search sites such as
  • Searching for or finding jobs to apply for
  • Submitting job applications


    • Determine, re-qualify, or adjust your unemployment benefits
    • Exempt you from search for work requirements
    • Provide or change any waiver status
    • Modify any unemployment status
    • Provide Technical Support for UIA services
    • Provide Technical Support for MiWam

Macomb/St. Clair Michigan Works!
New Online Job Seeker Survey


In an effort to make your work search easier, MSCMW has launched a new job seeker survey. The survey will help to determine what employment, training or assistive programs you may qualify for. Simply visit the link below, fill out the short survey, and the MSCMW staff will contact you to get started.

The Latest Featured Jobs

In order to assist in meeting your search for work requirements, MSCMW posts new local featured jobs every day that you can apply for. Visit the link below to see all the latest and greatest openings that MSCMW Staff have presorted and reviewed.