Workshops Help Get the Job

Warren Career Center

“I was let go from my current job on April 11, 2017 and as soon as I got home I knew I needed to make sure I could continue to receive money to pay my bills. I went on-line and submitted an application for unemployment benefits. After submission, I printed out all the instructions that qualified me for unemployment. The instructions said I must appear at Michigan Works! Agency located in my area to file a work search form. I called and found the Michigan Works! Agency in my area and went the next day.

I had to submit an online application with a copy of my resume on a flash drive. I was having trouble getting my flash drive to open so one of the workers there was very gracious to help me. The office was clean and the workers were very easy to ask questions to. At each of the computers is a stack of papers to help you with your job search. One of the papers is a schedule of classes that anyone can attend to learn how to make up a resume, cover letters, interviewing skills, how to use social media to help in your job search, along with classes like talent connect, competitive edge, job search and job fair boot camp.

While I was finishing my application a woman sat down next to me. She wanted to ask if I would be interested in joining a work shop that was due to start in another week. She introduced herself as Colette Burton and proceeded to tell me more about the workshop. The name of the workshop is Peer Solutions and Colette was inviting people that came to the Michigan Works! Agency. She explained to me how the workshop was once a week and that each session would go over the fundamentals of achieving the goals of being employed again. I am a recent graduate from Macomb Community College and I am always interested in learning new strategies.

The first class helped with establishing a schedule for job searching, setting goals and overcoming the anger of being let go from your job. I found this to be very helpful and I was able to set up my schedule at home for my job search. I wasn’t able to attend the next class due to a scheduled surgery, but the following workshop was about Interview Preparation and it was just in time since I had five scheduled interviews for that week. The information on questions to ask an interviewer and mock interviews helped me to know how to answer those tough questions that might be asked like; tell me about yourself, where do you see yourself in five years and tell me about a situation where you went above and beyond your job description to accomplish a task. I was nervous at my first two inter-views, but I quickly settled down once they started to ask me questions that had been gone over in the workshop. I was offered a job out of my five interviews and will be back to work soon. I am grateful for the opportunities that were offered at Michigan Works.”

Tammy Haas

Submitted by Colette Burton