Unemployment Can Be a Powerful Motivator

Clinton Township Career Center

“I’m glad it happened the way it did because it motivated me. I didn’t get too comfortable just sitting.” With those words, Tanee’ Christmas described her brief time in the PATH program.

Tanee’ had been out of work for several months when she first came to PATH in Clinton Township. She had extensive retail and sales experience but was willing to look at other options. Her goals were to get back to work and limit the amount of public financial assistance she needed. Tanee’ succeeded on both counts.

From the first week, Tanee’ spent her time tirelessly looking for employment. Within days, she participated in an employee orientation and notified PATH staff that she was ready to start a new job. Tanee’ was hired to work at Tower International through Sentech, as an assembler.

With the new job, Tanee’ is now able to support her family. She succeeded because she viewed her unemployment as an opportunity, took the risk of looking outside her comfort zone, and she made a conscious effort to improve her situation.

Submitted by Andrew Kindt