Thanks and Appreciation From Our Customers

Submitted by Colette Burton

“Thank you so much for all the help I received from the fabulous Warren office!

I was invited to attend the Peer Solutions workshop where they talked about job search burnout. I shared that I was employed in Medical Billing and Coding but developed a medical condition that prevented me from returning to my occupation as I had some difficulty with computers. Colette scheduled an appointment with me to talk about my concerns.

When I came in to put my resume online, I had no idea how to do it. Darth helped me with my resume and assisted me with applying for a position at Sanders.

In my appointment with Colette, we talked about interviewing, how to keep a positive attitude and that I should drive to the interview site before going. She printed the driving directions for me and gave me tips on how to answer questions.

I got a call for the job interview and knew how to answer their questions because of what I learned, and they said they’d call me the following Monday. I waited by the phone for 5 hours until she called and hired me. I am working full-time packaging candy. I have awesome co-workers and we even sometimes can taste the candy.”

Judy Elias-Jones