Thanks and Appreciation From Our Customers

Submitted by Amy LeDee

“In March of 2016, I decided to attend nursing school, not knowing the challenges and long road ahead. I was working part-time and attending school full-time. I quickly realized I needed help with funding the program. I had heard that Michigan Works! sometimes funds training for people, so I went in and talked to them about getting help.

I started the second term with Michigan Works! assistance. I had completed 1st quarter with a 3.0 GPA and I thought to myself “this is going to be an easy goal to accomplish.” Also, at the same time, I was pregnant with my baby girl and had a 10-year-old son at home. This only meant I had cooking, cleaning, laundry, and homework assignments for the both of us.

When I made it to 2nd quarter I was almost a little too confident. I was doing well in the program and didn’t feel like I was spending all my time studying. I had the best career planner ever, Amy LeDee, who helped me by giving me great advice and encouraging me. I was forever grateful. Then everything took a turn and school began to become a struggle for me. I barely made it out of second quarter, and I actually failed third quarter over something called ATI, which is like homework. I felt as if my whole world had come to a halt. I really did not know what I was going to do.

Worried and crying to my amazing career planner, we came up with a plan for me to get funding to retake the term.

Overwhelmed with joy, I was appreciative and never failed again.

I completed the LPN program at Athena Career Academy on 7/07/17. I passed my state boards in September and received my LPN license from the State in November. I am officially a nurse! The nursing home where I had been working as a Certified Nursing Assistant promoted me to LPN and I am now making a very good wage.”

Chenika Brown

Chenika received tuition assistance through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.