Thank You Letter from the Customer

Warren Career Center

“I am sending this message to thank Colette, Kim and everyone else at MiWorks-Warren
site. With all your encouragement, instruction and help, I am very pleased to inform you I have been hired for a full time position at Select Care, as a Tele Tech.

I was also hired for a part time position at another facility, but chose the full time position. With your seminars regarding interviews and wages, it really helped me obtain a wonderful job with a very good wage.

Colette, you are the most awesome lady! I was so downhearted due to my age of 65, to feel I could obtain a great job in the field I know well. Your inspiration and positiveness just made this journey so much easier. You do instill confidence in your classes. For that I am so grateful.

Kim, thank you for all your help with some issues that occurred. Pam and Diana you also were such a great help with the issues I had with UIA.

EVERYONE at this Warren site of MiWorks is professional and very approachable! You are so appreciated for taking a scary situation and turning it into a positive. Just want you to know that the friendliness and honest caring for those of us unemployed, really makes a difference. “

Janet Dalton
A happy, re-employed person

Submitted by Colette Burton