Support Team Boosts Confidence for Job Seeker

by Kristie Betts

Megan filed for unemployment in August of 2017 and soon found herself isolated and feeling depressed. She took some time to let the reality sink in before she attended reemployment workshops at the Michigan Works! Career Center in Clinton Township.

Megan knew she needed a change. She looked at the calendar and decided to attend the resume seminar. Megan shared, “That set the trend. I met people who were just like me. I felt like I had a better support team mainly because I was surrounded by people who were exactly in the same predicament as I.”

The biggest challenge was her feelings of low self-confidence and self-worth. She continued to complete the workshop “circuit” at Michigan Works! and it ended up helping her get through those rough times.

In under a month, Megan finished the “circuit” and received a completion certificate. With this confidence booster, she felt ready to tackle an interview and reenter the workforce. Her advice to others in similar situations is simple, “Utilize the tools that you are given. Engage in activities and do not allow yourself to sink into a depressed state.”

By October, Megan had a new job and had negotiated an annual wage of $4,000 more than her last job. Now that’s confidence! She wrote to the Michigan Works! Business Account Manager, “Thank you for your guidance and professional opinions. I am very grateful for all the advice and suggestions you have given me. I feel as if I have gained a lifelong friend!”