Support Services Helps With the Job

Port Huron Career Center

Rachel Farrer entered the PATH (Partnership, Accountability, Training and Hope) program in December 2016 after leaving a position with a local hospital. Rachel brought with her certifications as a Certified Nursing Assistant and Patient Care Technician, along with her résumé. The first steps of the PATH plan were to determine job readiness and to identify any barriers to reemployment.

Case managers helped Rachel update her résumé using a format that was more visually appealing. It was already tailored to the medical field and she wanted to continue working in the industry. Assistance was also given to update her Michigan Talent Connect account and upload the new résumé.

“Support services benefited me because I was able to get the job I wanted and keep it.”

Rachel needed auto insurance and her vehicle registration was about to expire. As part of her weekly assignments, she was asked to obtain quotes on insurance but quickly became discouraged with the high cost. Luckily, a couple of weeks later Rachel was offered a job and she received PATH support services for the auto insurance and registration. Keeping her medical certifications current was critical to maintaining employment and additional support services were used to renew the needed certifications. Relieved to have her car in legal status again, Rachel is traveling to the new job at St. John Providence Hospital as a Laboratory Assistant.

Submitted by Terry Logan