Father of 3 Finds New Work to Support Family

By Tracy Astor

Ken joined the PATH program one month before Christmas with a need for employment and housing for his family. He held his last job for over two years as a Landscape Leader and was only let go because his truck kept breaking down. Ken also had prior experience as a truck driver. As a father, his three young daughters kept him motivated every day. He worked very hard in the PATH program participating in reemployment workshops, developing a résumé and meeting with the Business Account Manager for job leads.

In less than two months, Ken was hired for a light truck/delivery driver position under an On-the-Job Training (OJT) contract. His time is split between driving and working in the warehouse. Following successful completion of 480 OJT hours, Ken was retained by the company for full-time employment.

Ken now has plans on securing a place of his own that his three daughters can finally call home. Ken would like to thank everyone at the Clinton Township office that is involved with the PATH program for all their effort, skill and encouragement along the way to his success.