Skills Transfer to New Employment

Port Huron Career Center

Dawn Marshall worked as a Pharmacy Technician at Super Kmart in Port Huron for 20 years. When the store closed at the end of the year in 2014, Dawn figured she would find something fairly quickly and in the meantime, maintained a part-time position she held.

In March of 2016 she came to the Port Huron Career Center for the Social Media seminar. Dawn shared with staff that she liked the personal one-on-one contact with customers and felt that corporate pharmacy positions didn’t allow her to form that connection. Staff encouraged her to try local “Mom and Pop” pharmacies. Coincidentally, the very next day, a customer at Dawn’s part-time job told her about an opening at Wadham’s Pharmacy.

Dawn wanted to apply for the job and returned to Michigan Works! for the Professional Résumé Workshop. Two days following her participation in the workshop, Dawn was hired at Wadham’s Pharmacy as a cashier. Dawn’s duties now include work for delivery prep, an assistant Pharmacy Technician, and fill-in delivery person. She loves the personal attention she can give the customers and is thankful for the relationships she has developed with her customers.

“Remain positive no matter how bad things get. They will always get better.”

Dawn’s positive attitude never wavered throughout the process of leaving the job she had worked at for nearly half of her life and being hired with her current employer. Dawn stated it’s important to “Remain positive no matter how bad things get. They will always get better.” She is currently studying to renew her certification as a Pharmacy Technician. Dawn’s positive attitude shines through and it always feels like things are a little brighter when she stops in to update Michigan Works! staff.

By Merissa Pacholek