Quality Employment Services Support

Port Huron Career Center

In despair following an unpleasant separation with his employer, Larry Herlache came to the Port Huron Michigan Works! Career Center. Larry shared with Employment Services (ES) staff that he was referred to Michigan Works! by an acquaintance and he was unsure of what to expect.

On his first visit, Larry had a clear vision of the industry and position he was seeking. ES staff assisted him on revamping his current résumé to highlight this career industry. Satisfied with the outcome of his first visit, Larry said he had felt welcomed and would be back. Staff assisted with submitting résumés online, offered suggestions and use of the computers. Over the next two weeks, Larry frequently visited Michigan Works! to check his email and continue to job search in between interviews.

By the end of the month, Larry came to Michigan Works! one last time to share the good news that he received the job offer he wanted in Automotive Quality/Purchasing. He said, “Staff was such a huge support in my job search and in finding a great job.”

Submitted by Marcie Goodwin