The Program Helped Changed My Life

Port Huron Career Center

Looking for opportunities, Kenneth Carrier came to the Port Huron Michigan Works! Career Center in December of 2015. He had been having trouble finding an employer willing to give him a chance. He found that his background and a lack of experience in manufacturing were a hindrance in his job search.

With combined financial assistance for student training costs from Michigan Works! the EDA, and the Community Foundation of St. Clair County, St. Clair County Community College was offering a new 2-week training program called Manufacturing 101. The course taught the basic skills needed to be successful in the manufacturing industry. The training was geared toward local companies that needed skilled workers.

Kenneth wanted to learn more about Manufacturing 101 and was eager for a chance to participate. The training would provide him with knowledge of manufacturing safety, basic computer skills, blueprint reading, and teamwork skills. He felt this training could be the opportunity he needed to get him in the door with an employer.

Completing the training course requirements, Kenneth earned a certificate of completion from the college. He attended a small job fair that was held for the graduates of the training program. It was here that he interviewed with a representative from Prism Plastics.

Things seemed to be moving in a positive direction for Kenneth. He promised Michigan Works! staff that he just needed someone to give him a shot and they would not regret it.

Prism Plastics contacted Kenneth for a second interview at their location in Port Huron. The Business Account Manager followed-up with the company’s HR Manager and informed her that Kenneth was eligible for On-the-Job Training (OJT).

Prism Plastics was extremely impressed with Kenneth in both interviews. Shortly after his final interview, he was hired for their production team with an OJT contract of 480 hours. With Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) funding, Michigan Works! subsidized fifty-percent of the wages during the training period.

Kenneth remains employed with Prism Plastics since the end of the OJT hours in June of 2016. He is doing so well with the company that the HR Manager recently told the Business Account Manager, “I need ten more Kenneth’s!”

Submitted by Scott Bolt