Overcoming Barriers to Succeed

Port Huron Career Center

Sharonlee Dosono came into the Port Huron Career Center to attend the PATH (Partnership, Accountability, Training and Hope) program after she relocated from Georgia. Initially, she began the Application Eligibility Period (AEP) while in the training stage of employment with Walmart as a cashier. Sharonlee struggled with childcare since her schedule with Walmart conflicted with available childcare. She was also in need of a vehicle. Sharonlee was taking up to three buses per day just to get her daughter to daycare and to attend work on time.

During her one-on-one success plan meeting, the PATH Case Manager discussed childcare payment assistance and offered resources to local licensed childcare providers. Sharonlee and her case manager also devised a transportation plan that cut down her travel time with daycare closer to her place of employment.

Next, Sharonlee needed an update driver’s license. Her case manager provided a PATH support service of $25.00 so she could obtain a State of Michigan driver’s license.

Successfully completing the AEP process and removing barriers, Sharonlee transitioned into the PATH program. After submitting two weeks of employment pay stubs, Sharonlee qualified for a vehicle purchase in the amount of $2,000.

Sharonlee began immediately looking for a vehicle to meet the transportation need for herself and her daughter. To assist in completing the vehicle purchase, PATH support services paid for a vehicle inspection and the first insurance payment. Having her own transportation has lightened the load for Sharonlee in getting to work at Walmart.

By Latonya Batton