Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Clinton Township Career Center

Antonia Aodish came to the Michigan Works! Young Professionals program seeking assistance gaining her high school diploma. Her family had moved several times during her secondary education and at some point, she just stopped attending classes. Now that she was a little older and hoping to start a career, Antonia realized how difficult the job market can be without that credential.

She researched a few high school completion programs but was discouraged to learn that it would take at least a year to earn the diploma. Without the diploma, Antonia was not able to gain a Pharmacy Technician job and begin working toward her long-term goal of becoming a Pharmacist. Antonia was also aware that she did not have the experience or knowledge to gain a Pharmacy Technician position and would need help with job readiness skills.

From the very beginning, Ms. Aodish was not only prepared to do the work to move forward but excited for the opportunity. She attended multiple Michigan Works! Young Professionals’ workshops on Résumés, Job Applications, Interview Skills, and Mock Interviews. She didn’t hesitate to ask for additional assistance when she wanted to refine her résumé and improve responses to interview questions. While working toward becoming job ready, Antonia settled in on completing the requirements for a high school diploma with Michigan Works! partner, Cyber Education Center.

Hired as a cashier with CVS and with encouragement from Michigan Works! staff, Antonia spoke to her supervisors about her long-term goals. As a result, she began cross-training at the Pharmacy counter. Once Antonia proves herself in that department, CVS will pay for her Pharmacy Technician training and license.

The best news? Antonia completed her high school requirements in six months. She will walk in June as a graduate of the Class of 2018. At the time of writing, she’s started her pre-requisite classes at Macomb Community College, the next step leading to her long-term goal.

Submitted by Karen Helfrick