Training Leads to Career

Mt. Clemens Career Center

In April of 2016, Claudia Bermudez was laid off as a Home Health Aide and was looking for a career that would offer growth in the health industry. Claudia ran into a speed bump however, as she was lacking a credential in the medical profession. She felt that without any further education or training, she would not be successful in moving up the career ladder.

Claudia did some research and met with a Michigan Works! Career Planner to discuss training options. Claudia decided she wanted to enroll in the Medical Assistant Program at Ross Medical Education Center.

Eligible for tuition assistance through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and with a PELL grant, Claudia began the training. During her training Claudia worked extremely hard, earning outstanding grades. She discussed that it was challenging but also how much she enjoyed the program.

Within just a few days of completing the course, and eight months from the first meeting with the career planner, Claudia was hired as a Medical Assistant in a family practice facility.

By Jason Alessandro