Mom Succeeds in the Face of Tragedy & Adversity

by Christine Hall

Felisha Mack came to the PATH program hoping to find a job that would allow her to work from home and possibly an online school to continue her education. Felisha also had dreams of being a business owner but was undecided as to what type of business.

Feeling uncomfortable leaving her children, Felisha was adamant about not wanting to work outside her home. The PATH case manager assured her she would do whatever she could to help make Felisha’s transition back to work, as smooth as possible. Felisha reluctantly agreed to be present in the program by participating in workshops and job searching.

After completing Resume Writing and Cover Letter workshops, Felisha was able to successfully update both documents. Receiving additional assistance in interviewing skills, Felisha was prepared to meet with employers at local job fairs.

During this time, as Felisha developed a trusting relationship with the PATH case manager, she was able to reveal that she was afraid to leave her children since the death of her twelve-year-old son. Devastated at the loss of her child, she blamed herself for not being with him when he suffered an asthma attack.

Consoled by the case manager and PATH supervisor, Felisha could share her grief. Staff offered resources to assist in helping her and her family through the healing process.

Continuing to move forward Felisha secured a job that coincides with her children’s school schedules. The schedule allows her to be home during the evening hours with her family.

Felisha stated that talking with her case manager helped her to figure out what was hindering her progress and to push through despite the pain. Her perseverance led to a successful outcome.