Layoff Brings the Best Change According to Customer

Warren Career Center

“My journey began in Spring 2013 when I was involuntarily laid off from YP Holdings, LLC (formerly AT&T Advertising & Publishing). Unemployed and unsure of what my next direction in life would be, I registered with Michigan Works to utilize my TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance) benefits. While becoming a Michigan Works client, my Case Manager, Amy LeDee was a great help to me. I knew I wanted to do something different from advertising and publishing, and the decision to return to school wasn’t something I wanted to do right then.

Over time, I decided I wanted to go into the Human Resources field. It was something I was familiar with and had some experience from my previous position. To gain needed experience and knowledge in the field, I decided it was time to return to school. I made an appointment to see Amy and discussed my options with her. It was with TAA benefits administered through Michigan Works, I could enroll with Davenport University Fall 2014, for the Master of Management program.

During this time, I found a part-time job with T-Mobile, which worked great for the upcoming fall semester. Returning to school, after being out for 10 years of obtaining my undergraduate degree, was a challenge. Having papers to write, posts to make, keeping a study schedule, I wasn’t ready. I started having doubt about returning to school. One thing, I had a goal, a goal I was going to complete. Getting my Master’s degree was a goal put off more than once and now was my time to complete it. I kept weekly contact with Amy throughout my journey. She provided encouragement and tips along the way…. thanks, Amy!

Then one day it happened, an opportunity for an entry-level Human Resources position. I was unsure about leaving T-Mobile, guaranteed employment and benefits for a temporary, no benefits position. I took the leap of faith, after all, I was enrolled in a degree program teaching me the skills I needed to get the position I wanted. I had been six months into my Master program. Glad I believed and had faith, 2 ½ years and 2 promotions later, I am a full-time Human Resources Business Partner with a company in Auburn Hills, MI.

Registering with Michigan Works, utilizing services and resources (TRA benefits, job resources, and counselling) they provided, helped me get the training/education needed for my new career in Human Resources. I am proud to say that Spring 2017 I graduated from Davenport University with my Master of Management degree. I accomplished my goal and gained a new career in the next chapter of my book of life.”

~Valecia Vinson~

Valecia received Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) training funds for tuition and books for the Master of Management program at Davenport University. She also qualified for a TAA transportation allowance while she attended training.

Submitted by Amy LeDee