Finding Success in No-Cost Workshops

Submitted by Colette Burton

“I came into Michigan Works! to apply for unemployment as I’d lost my job as a receptionist. I first attended Erica’s Professional Resume workshop and was referred to Colette to attend the Peer Solutions workshop.

Kim and Colette provided me with job postings in Peer Solutions along with AARP job search information. I had a phone interview and was able to pose appropriate questions based on the info provided in the Interviewing part of Peer Solutions. I also attended the Talent Connect workshop with Kim.

I want to thank the staff for assisting me with updating my resume and providing the tools for online job searching. The Warren staff were helpful and knowledgeable and assisted me to be successful in exploring new career options.

I am employed part-time with Girl Scouts of America as an official Cookie Cupboard Clerk while I continue to seek full-time employment.”

Pat Colombo