Finding Continued Success with Michigan Works!

by Anna White

Patricia Pavich had come to the Clinton Township Michigan Works! Career Center in the past when she was seeking full-time employment. When a recent layoff brought her back to the center, she reflected on that experience. She said,

“The best advice that I ever acted upon regarding finding employment was to go to the Clinton Township Michigan Works! Office. The expert staff provided the support, advice, and encouragement that gave me the self-confidence that empowered me to achieve. The workshops provided me with all the tools and resources that enabled me to be successful and to obtain the job of my dreams.”

Looking for work again, Pat used what she had learned previously at Michigan Works! to aid in her current job search. Fine-tuning her resume and cover letters, she made it her full-time job to find stable employment. Pat shared with staff, “I accepted an offer today. In just three weeks from the time I was laid off. I couldn’t have achieved this without the skills and knowledge I learned two years ago from my experience at Michigan Works! Not only do I start my new position this Monday. I am making a higher rate of pay and have benefits I did not have before; including Medical, Dental, Bonuses, 401K.”