Financial Assistance Helps to Meet Educational Goal

Mt. Clemens Career Center

Jeffery Sarver, a dislocated worker from the Food Service Industry, first visited Michigan Works! to obtain a training waiver while receiving unemployment insurance benefits. He was enrolled at Macomb Community College (MCC) with plans for transferring to Oakland University (OU). Discussing his training plans with the career planner, he stated a PELL grant currently funded his education at MCC, but would not cover the future cost of tuition at Oakland University. His goal was to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science. Meeting eligibility as a dislocated worker, the career planner advised that tuition assistance through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) could help fund completion of his education.

Jeffery enrolled with OU and along with a PELL grant, utilized WIOA training funds to cover tuition and books costs. WIOA supportive services was also avail-able to help pay for a car repair which allowed him to travel to his part-time job and remain in school full-time. Jeffery graduated from Oakland University with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science. It wasn’t long after graduation that Jeffery was hired as an Environmental Scientist by one of the largest environmental services companies in North America.

Jeffery currently works on hazardous waste removal, toxic spill cleanup, and analysis of pollutants at sites located in several states. Jeffery shared with his Career Planner, Mark Getman, that he is very happy with his job and is in the process of buying a new house. He stated that he was grateful for the help he received from Michigan Works! and that without the financial and moral support he may not have completed his degree.