Encouragement Brings Confidence to Job Seeker

Port Huron Career Center

When Michelle Diaz first came to Port Huron’s Michigan Works! Career Center, she had just lost her position as a department supervisor at a well -known retail chain. Even though her manager was upset about losing such a good employee, the position had been eliminated and there was nothing he could do to change that.

Michelle was given a choice of either severance pay or a part-time position. She needed a paycheck, so she chose the part-time position. That income was not enough, so she decided to look for a more sustainable position.

No matter the reason for the job loss, it’s easy for a person’s self-esteem to falter. The world has turned upside down and doubts of any value to an employer creep in. It’s not uncommon to think, “If my past employer didn’t want me, why would any other employer want me?”

The day Michelle came into the Career Center, she was feeling the loss and worry of how she would be able to survive until she found a new job. Employment Services staff encouraged Michelle by pointing out the tremendous amount of experience, skills, and abilities she possessed and what a “good catch” she would be to a new employer. Staff also dis-cussed the old, but true adage of, “When one door closes another door opens.” Sometimes we just need a push to guide us toward a more fulfilling future. Michelle left that day with a little more confidence and a lot of thinking to do regarding what she wanted in a new position.

A couple of weeks later, Michelle returned to Michigan Works! to make a follow-up call to an employer she had interviewed with. Michelle was radiating with happiness when she finished the call. She appeared to be holding in the urge to jump up and down when with the biggest smile and her eyes shining she stated her feelings,

“I’m so excited! I have a real job! Not a part-time job. Full benefits and the opportunity to earn bonuses. And I’m a good salesperson! I am thrilled!”

Michelle’s new job is a management key-holding position, Senior Logistics, with a large chain store. A nice plus is a starting wage of four dollars more per hour than she earned from the previous employer.