Driving With A Future

Warren Career Center

In February 2016, twenty-two-year-old, Edis Osmanagic entered the Michigan Works! Young Professionals looking for employment and funding for CDL Class-A training. Just released from prison, the Young Professionals program was his first stop. He needed to get his life on track and he felt that this program could help him accomplish his goals.

The following week he participated in all the mandatory workshops that are included in the Empowerment stage of the Young Professionals Program. Activities addressed job applications, résumé prep, writing cover and thank-you letters, interviewing skills, customer service and business etiquette.

Shortly after the workshop appointments, Edis completed a reading and math assessment, scoring at the highest level in both areas. He also earned a customer service certification from the National Retail Federation.

Working with Edis to establish a credential and employment plan, he informed staff that he wanted to work in the trucking industry. He was having a difficult time pursuing that goal due to lack of funding and certifications. His training research ended with the desire to attend Great American Truck Driving School. With training funds from the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), Michigan Works! was able to support Edis with the entire cost of tuition and certification fees.

Edis’s first day of training was May 9th, 2016 and by July 13th, 2016 he completed the training and earned the CDL Class-A Certification. Before the end of the month he already had a job offer and started work as a driver with JT Transportation, LLC.

In May of this year, Edis returned to Michigan Works! to serve as a youth ambassador during the Young Professionals’ open house. He shared his experience with guests and current participants about CDL -A training and employment as a driver.

This man is not only a go-getter, he is on top of things; a leader and one of the most intelligent men the Warren staff has met. Edis came to Michigan Works! with what could be a major barrier, but his strong will to succeed led to him achieving his goal. A year after completing training, Edis continues to work as a CDL-A truck driver and currently earns about $2,000 a week.

Edis has set a new goal for himself and plans to enroll in college to study logistics. Michigan Works! applauds Edis and his commitment to achieving life changing goals.

Submitted by Linda Butler