Credential Builds Business

Mt. Clemens Career Center

Robert Loomis met with Career Planner, Mark Getman, at the Mt. Clemens Michigan Works! Career Center. Mr. Loomis explained that he had been working as a carpenter and painter but was not licensed in these areas. He wanted to complete a course which would prepare him to become a licensed professional.

Eligible for training funds through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, Mr. Loomis enrolled in a Builders Pre-License course at Macomb Community College in 2011. After completing training and becoming licensed Mr. Loomis started his own company, Loomis Painting and Construction.

Fast forward to 2017 and the business remains strong. He recently returned to the Mt. Clemens Career Center to speak with the Business Account Manager regarding On-the-Job Training and other services for employers. Mr. Loomis also stopped in and thanked his career planner for helping him to change his life.

Submitted by Mark Getman