Brian M. Shares His Success After Attending Veteran Employability Bootcamp

Clinton Township Service Center

I just wanted to take a couple of seconds and share some success with everybody!

I attended the October 2017 Veteran Employability Boot Camp. At that point, I was at a crossroad regarding my career. Being topped out in my current position as a Certified Personal Trainer at a medium level gym with a compensation plan at the poverty level; with no benefits, no paid time off and no chance for promotion or advancement. I was strongly considering another career move and felt hopeless.

During the course (Boot Camp) I learned some strategies that ultimately paid off. I learned how to answer specific questions regarding my background; how to discuss my military service with a potential civilian employer; how to effectively network in person/ social media and the value of following up with a thank you.

I ultimately applied for a position, was able to gain an interview based on my network; completed 4 rounds of interviews and was offered a position with Life Time Fitness in Rochester Hills.

I owe a special thanks to Gabriella Barthlow for the push in the right direction. The team was outstanding and provided the highest level of professionalism, patience and aligned us with the best resources available. A special thanks to John Babcock and Jennifer Lambrix Kimm specifically for their efforts and assistance.

I’m excited about the career possibilities on the horizon for the first time in years and owe it to the people who worked diligently toward my personal and professional growth with a positive attitude when the days were dark.

To anyone reading this who isn’t where they want to be professionally, my advice is to stay persistent and use every avenue, option, resource, and tool that is provided!

Brian M.