Back on my Feet

Roseville Career Center

Jasmine Massey came to Michigan Works! in November of 2016 as part of the Partnership, Accountability, Training, and Hope (PATH) program. She had been out of work for over a year and was looking for a way to get back on her feet and become self-sufficient. She had a family to think about and getting back to work was priority number one. Jasmine explored the possibility of using On-the-Job Training (OJT) help her re-enter the workforce.

After meeting with a Business Account Manager and reworking her résumé, Jasmine felt confident that her new résumé told a story of the skills she had to offer an employer. With Jasmine’s new marketable résumé in hand, the Business Account Manager forwarded the résumé to numerous employers. Her résumé sparked the interest of a recruiter with Merit Logistics with an open position for an order puller.

Jasmine had a manufacturing background and knew her way around a warehouse, but had never pulled orders or set up freight for delivery. The employer hired Jasmine for the position offering an opportunity to acquire the needed skills through experience learning on the job.

Following successful completion of 480 OJT hours in April 2017, Jasmine continues today to be employed with Merit Logistics. Jasmine recently stated that the job has been a blessing for her and her family and she really enjoys what she does, where she works, and the people she works with.

Submitted by Todd Seibert