Accomplish Your Goals

Now that you have identified your employment goal, prepared and polished your skills and tools, it's time to find that career that you have been waiting for!

Researching, Applying and Interviewing

It’s important to be as prepared as possible when applying and interviewing for potential employment opportunities. Ensure you’ve done the proper research before walking into an interview. Remembering a few simple facts or exceptional things about the employer shows you are prepared and can be the one small difference that makes you stand out from other candidates.

Research & Prepare

Find & Apply

  • Use our free resources such as Featured JobsPure Michigan Talent Connect and our Job Fair Bootcamps to find openings
  • Visit the careers section of a company’s website that you would like to work for to see if they are hiring directly
  • Attend Macomb County Chamber Networking Events and local MeetUp’s to further increase your professional network and get face-to-face time with business owners and professionals
  • Not all jobs are posted online, use any mutual connections or networking opportunities to discover recent and upcoming job openings


  • Take our ACE the Interview workshop to cover the basics of interviewing skills including how to dress, common interview questions and many more useful topics
  • Remember your research and don’t get discouraged, finding the right fit is important to both you and your future employer

Do You Need Help?

If  you need help with this process contact a Michigan Works! career planner and they can help you to Aim, Align and Accomplish your career goals

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