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Aim • Align • Accomplish

Michigan Works! services can work for you.

Do you have a plan for your future? Do you want more than just another job?
Do you know how to reach that future goal?

The Michigan Works! Career Centers, located in Macomb and St. Clair Counties community offer youth, adults and the business community customer-friendly, easily accessible services. If you’re looking for your first job or a better job – from entry-level, skilled trades to degreed professions… If you’re interested in discovering a new career, what training programs are available, where they’re available, what financial assistance may be available… If you’re a veteran or an individual with a disability and wish to learn about quality specialized services that can help you enter or re-enter the workforce… If you have a good job but want a great job… Michigan Works! services can work for you.


We can help you aim for your future by helping you to identify your career goal.

Step 1


We can help you align the steps you need to take to prepare for your career goal.

Step 2


Now take the final steps you need to to accomplish your career goal.

Step 3

Do You Need Help?

If  you need help with this process contact a Michigan Works! career planner and they can help you to Aim, Align and Accomplish your career goals

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