Inner Strength Eases Adversity

Hannah Smart
Hannah Smart

Hannah Smart turned to Michigan Works! following a move from across the state to escape a bad living situation. She was looking for a fresh start for herself and the expected child.

Initially, Hannah connected with the Young Professionals at the Clinton Township Career Center. When she applied for assistance with the Department of Health and Human Services, she was referred to PATH: Partnership, Accountability, Training, Hope. This gave Hannah access to two Michigan Works! programs to help her reach her training and employment goals.

The two programs coordinated activities for Hannah. While she worked through PATH for résumé design, training, and career assessments, Hannah participated in a financial literacy program with Young Professionals’ and explored employment opportunities.

Past employment included work as a nurse assistant and in customer service. Receiving support services for an auto repair, Hannah was soon interviewing for CNA positions, along with some in the human services field and the food industry. With Hannah’s drive, intelligence and adaptability, it was just a matter of time before she found employment.

Within six weeks of her first visit to Michigan Works! Hannah had a full-time job offer. She transitioned from a participant of the Young Professionals to a Young Professionals’ team member. Hannah was hired as an Intake/Program Support Specialist with Employment & Training Designs at the end of February 2019 and was recently promoted as a Career Development Facilitator.

Hannah expressed, “It was awesome having someone there to help me through the overwhelming process of writing a résumé, learning how to properly interview, and find a job. My most impactful moment in the program was when I finally decided to ask for help. Finding the courage to ask for help is a humbling experience, but it also allows you to see the good in others, and the strength in yourself.”