Ashlee Campbell

Binson’s Medical Equipment and Supplies was one of the initial members when Macomb/St. Clair Michigan Works! organized its Business Resource Network (BRN). As BRN members, a Success Coach is available to help employers navigate the most difficult pitfalls associated with human resource management and to help create a better work environment for both employer and employee. 

Ashlee Campbell, a full-time medical biller at Binson’s Hospital Supplies, is an example of the benefits to the BRN’s employer and employee-centric services. A single mom with four children, Ashlee’s main challenge to sustainable full-time employment was an unreliable car. 

When she drove her car to the auto repair shop to receive an estimate, the mechanic rendered her car unsafe to drive in its current condition. Without the $1,200 needed to complete the repairs, Ashlee was at risk of losing her job if she lost her transportation to work. Binson’s was also at risk for losing an employee. 

The Success Coach was able to offer Ashlee BRN auto-related support services to cover the cost of the repair. Fortunately, through the kindness of co-workers, Ashlee shared rides back and forth to work while her car was being repaired. 

Her car back on the road a short time later, Ashlee says with a big smile, “This is great. I am very happy.” 

Ashlee continues to work with the Success Coach in other areas. He is assisting her with better housing options and working with local resources to help improve her credit score. Ashlee’s long-term goals include continuing her education to become a certified medical biller, to buy a house to raise her children, and to have work-life balance that allows them to enjoy more time together.