Dennis Larson

“First off, I would like to express my thanks to you and the entire team at the Michigan Works! War-ren office. They went out of their way to try and find a possible new career for me as my long-time vocation was not getting any real job offers. 

I have been in the tool and die industry for many years and currently the auto industry is in a down-turn. Luckily for me, I did find a new job shortly after I engaged the expert services of Michigan Works! It was in my old vocation, but I have a much greater insight into how to present myself to potential employers in the “new” job market. 

I just learned today that the job I started last week will be coming to an end in a few months. I will be using my newly acquired job-hunting skills as I will soon need to be back looking for another employment opportunity. 

Much thanks for all your help and I will be contacting the team in the future to see what new ways of selling myself I can learn.” 

Warm Regards, 

Dennis Larsson, August 2019 

Mr. Larsson completed assessments with the career planner and participated in workshops covering résumé development, job seeking strategies and My Next Move. 

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