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Better your company by investing in your employees with the Community Ventures Business Resource Network

Balancing the time and expenses associated with human resources can be difficult and costly. The Community Ventures Business Resource Network (BRN) was created with those costs in mind. When you join the BRN, your Success Coach will help you navigate the most difficult pitfalls associated with human resource management and create a better work environment for both you and your employees.

Keep cost low and employee satisfaction high with Employer and Employee centric services

For the Employer:

Increased productivity

Reduced absenteeism

Increased EAP usage

Increased use of community resources

Increased employee retention

Dedicated support for HR

Reduced recruiting costs

Reduced training costs

red icon of person with briefcaseFor the Employee:

Stress-management planning

Childcare solutions

Money Management

Connections to community resources

Connections to elder care

Connections to addiction services

Transportation problem-solving

Help with housing and foreclosure

A dedicated on-site Success Coach will work with your employees to:


Find solutions to obstacles affecting employee performance

Build success-driven relationships between staff

Build need driven partnerships and solutions between BRN members


Find community resources that best meet an employee’s needs

Develop employee ownership and overcome some of the most difficult of life challenges

Develop employee pride in their role at your company

red icon of lightbulb with check mark inside of itTRANSFORM

Help business owners retain employees

Help business owners to strengthen company culture

Improve employee productivity thereby increasing your bottom line

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