“I, Kim Smith, have been on a journey. Due to life mishaps, I found myself again unemployed for approximately 2 years and 7 months. As I decided to venture back to the workforce, I had not brushed up on my computer skills. I am not computer savvy at all. I then realized I needed help!

I landed on the doorstep of the Mount Clemens, Michigan Works Office. First and foremost, the reception office team, (special mention to Salli Dawson and Jason Alessandro), was always prompt on answering my phone calls, making sure I understood the importance of phone messaging and assisting with workshop times/dates and log-in. Thanks again, office team!

More importantly, this landed me to Mrs. DeLano (Business Account Manager), who was substituting for a workshop class called Computers Don’t Byte. I must say this has been a true blessing for me. Mrs. DeLano has been a true example of going above and beyond her call of duty. I am sure she has done that for others in the past and shall continue in the future with her kind heart, committed ways, and bubbly attitude!

This sheet of paper cannot express how Mrs. DeLano has always stayed committed. With her employment, appointments, and daily workshops at Michigan Works, we continued working on my application submission and resume building techniques. This is why I changed Mrs. DeLano’s title to “my recruiter.”

I must say Mrs. DeLano has been my best recruiter ever with her kind ways and professional attitude. All I kept saying is when I get an interview, I am going to apply all of Mrs. DeLano’s encouragement she has instilled within me. And I did!

Not only did I land one job (offer) I landed two; Greek Town Casino and Select Specialty Hospital. I chose the hospital with full-time employment plus negotiations of my salary. Wow, that has never happened to me before!

I want Mrs. Delano to know I am keeping up with my promises to go well and beyond also. I have already been nominated for a Certificate of Excellence from one of the RNs.

I am thanking Mrs. DeLano then, I am thanking her again, AMEN!”

(edited version due to length)