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  1. AMC threatens action over $9.95 monthly cinema passes
    AMC Entertainment (AMC) is threatening legal action over MoviePass' new subscription price, saying that it is 'unsustainable .'
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  3. Wedding planning means wedding savings
    Ahh June, the start of summer and wedding season a-palooza. According to, June is the most popular month for weddings, and if you're the bride, groom or attending several this summer, there are a few ways you can keep your wedding budget under control, so you don't face a fall filled with debt.
  4. John S. Linakis Scholarship (Deadline: October 1, 2017)

    John S. Linakis Scholarship (Deadline: October 1, 2017)

    Who Can Apply: The AIFS Foundation is proud to offer the John S. Linakis Scholarship. This scholarship will be awarded annually to an AIFS student with limited financial resources who also demonstrates an interest in and a commitment to social justice. Submission: Completed scholarship and program application must be postmarked by October 1. Deadline: October [...]

    This and other Financial Aid related articles can be found at John S. Linakis Scholarship (Deadline: October 1, 2017)